The AVIATOR FLIGHT CLUB provides training to pet parrots and their owner to provide a good companionship. We don't teach the birds to sort colored bricks, but clear raising fundamentals for harmonized relation between onwer and their birds. We train using zoom videoconferencing and seminars, as human interaction in the club grants already halfe way of success.

Starting in Germany, we established first flight-clubs in Hamburg, Osnabrueck, Cologne, Frankfurt, Mannheim, Stuttgart, Karlsruhe and Munich. Additional regional sites are under cunstruction. If you like to visit our live training session, please contact the admin of the corresponding regionla club. please check our MEMBER LIST to find pilots and kaptains in our program. If you wish to participate, just register and oin the club. We are happy to see you.


Online Registration

Please join our club by clicking on "online Registration" and enjoy our community.


Check whats inside

We train you and your parrot with professional training instructions. Our Trainer will help your to reach your goal.


You may receive membership to the Aviator Club if your Parrot is Aviator used or you like to learn such. We train in different training classes and provide training instructions to all levels.
The Video above shows a sumary of training flights at our training weekend in Germany by 18. Juli 2015. Naturally we all need to learn and get better with each training, but we dont leave people behind and reach our goal in teamwork.

Mit dem Aviator unterwegs